In our experience, you will get medical treatment quite frequently following a work-related illness or injury. After some time passes and you start to recover, you likely will get medical treatment less frequently. At some point, your doctor might even say that you only need to come in every three to four months (or even less often).
However, unless a Judge has already ruled that you have a permanent disability, you must get some form of medical treatment at least once every 90 days to keep your eligibility for Workers’ Compensation benefits. Your treating medical provider must submit the appropriate report to the Workers’ Compensation Board and the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier.

The treating medical provider can be your primary care physician (regular doctor) or any of the specialists you see. Keep in mind that you do not need to see the same doctor every 90 days. Many of our clients find that it is easiest to alternate appointments with a specialist and the primary care physician.

If you do not get medical treatment every 90 days, you are at risk of losing your benefits.