We represent individuals who “blow the whistle” on frauds against federal, state or local governments. The whistleblower may be entitled to collect a percentage (as much as 30%) of the money that the government recovers from those who planned or initiated the fraud.

Examples of fraud against the government include:

  • Seeking payment for services NOT performed or goods NOT supplied (e.g., contractor who bills the City of Rochester for work it did NOT do);
  • Seeking payment for services performed or goods provided under a contract secured by fraud (e.g., contractor who rigged the bids and secured a construction contract by fraud);
  • Falsely certifying compliance with a government contract (e.g., contractor who certifies that they used Grade A concrete when they did NOT); and
  • Making a false statement to avoid paying money otherwise owed (e.g., refuse contractor who lies about the amount of garbage it collects for a town and, thus, pays less to that town for being the “exclusive” refuse contractor).

Those who rip off the government are liable under federal and state laws for, among other things, THREE TIMES the amount of the fraud, civil penalties and attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by the whistleblower.

These cases are first brought to the United States Attorney or the New York Attorney General.

We have been AV rated for more than 10 years (which means our work and ethics are of the highest quality as determined by a peer review of judges and lawyers) and won the Client Distinction Award (2015) from Martindale-Hubbell. We are particularly proud of the latter award because it recognizes outstanding communication ability, responsiveness, quality of service and “value for the money.”

Representative services include:

  • we provide advice and counsel to individuals in whistleblower cases, including how to best present the case to the relevant representatives of the government;
  • we prosecute, through verdict and appeal, whistleblower cases for individuals; and
  • we negotiate settlements.